How to Log on to O@SIS from home

1.Open a web browser (Google Chrome or Firefox is preferred) and navigate
2.Click the blue “sign–in” button at the top right of the screen
3.Sign in with the student’s schoolemail address (usually it is and the password will be the student’s ID number)
4.Once the student has signed into Google, you can then navigate to O@SIS by going, and then clicking “O@SIS” under the “Quick Links” heading.4YoicdQ_XhzajH7V2xbjb3wjmrvfO9xqqC5pBngOZI7UDEKlWZhyg52xOLu6LTrCkIqB-OXXNPBAhCvE4x8AVD4m_OMw57A-IZzGRPBBd76G-S25iptlDppb6b47Kzy7rzpZwnPR
5.Select the appropriate school for your student.6eI4f_AFbXo9zA2R9gsFp6pKxq_q1TPICgk9RXHB7G-9xpKhnT6J840ItwAFJgNg_RETLpGVONa_mHiBQ84Ct3JDBSucSdMgzgD2SX0wWh2abqCA50UoWkZtGjb9OtTI-N94R-6x
6.Click “sign-in” (NOT the arrows)Z71ymVl_BUWJFFZnoWRtpE6up-WDHwERswd6B9MdinTgpyOJM5EZZox9XKiZdMlXPDxR3X_jjMTNpSdVwAreU9M1eaeL_H4Nj4yn_Nmb55RnNUfhtG6gAV2mXE8laEtNxAQ4YabT
7.If there are any prompts for the program to view information, please click “allow”