Entering a Ticket

How To: Enter a ticket in SherpaDesk

  1. Visit our website by clicking the link on our website or by directing your browser to: http://sapulpaps.sherpadesk.com
  2. Here, you see the main landing page that has several FAQ and Tutorial Documents for reference. Click Create a Ticket


  1. Enter your district email address in the email field. Alternatively, you can click “Login Here” near the bottom of this page to view your currently open tickets and to get a more personalized experience.
  2. Enter all of the pertinent details related to your request. In the “details/description” field, please provide as many details as you can in order for us to expedite your request.


  1. Attach any relevant files or screenshots by dragging the picture to the ticket area indicated or click to browse to the files you would like to upload.


  1. Click Submit My Ticket.


Remember: You can always choose to login using your username and password to update existing tickets, check their status, and/or close them if you no longer need assistance.

Most of the time, the username is your district email and the password is the same password you use to access district computers/email. There is also sometimes an “alternate” password to the system. Just choose the “Forgot My Password” link from the login page and the system will send you instructions on how to reset this.

  1. April Reyna
    04 January, 2017

    I am logged into my iPad but I cannot login to my computer because I cannot remember my password. 😞 I thought I would remember it, so I didn't write it down. Can you reset it...please.

    Thank you,
    April Reyna
    Liberty Elementary
    Indian Ed Tutor

  2. Christie Troy
    03 November, 2016

    Please Install Pre- Algebra Teacher Works Plus.